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You Don't Have To Just Deal With Dental Stains

By Faulk Dental Associates, PA
November 08, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Have dental stains left you wishing for a whiter smile? Whether your teeth are stained from medications, smoking, drinking coffee and teeth whiteningother dark beverages or for other reasons, a professional teeth whitening treatment can give you a brighter smile. Teeth whitening treatments are available from The Baltimore Dental Center in Baltimore, MD.

Teeth Whitening Treatments

Several teeth whitening options are available, including over-the-counter treatments done at home and professional treatments performed in office by a dental professional. While over-the-counter treatments are convenient, they do not necessarily deliver the same level of whitening results that can be achieved with professional teeth whitening treatments. Many over-the-counter products simply do not contain sufficient levels of bleaching agents to achieve the desired results.

As mentioned, professional teeth whitening treatments are done in your dentist’s office. The whitening procedure usually takes approximately one hour to complete. The treatment involves applying a whitening agent directly on the surface of the teeth. A non-whitening, protective gel might also be applied to the gums and other sensitive areas of the mouth to protect against potential irritation.

Professional teeth whitening treatments that are performed in your dentist’s office offer several advantages over at-home products. Professional treatments are less likely to cause irritation or produce uneven results because they are applied by a skilled dental professional. Additionally, the desired level of whitening can be achieved in just a few appointments due to the high quality of whitening agents used, whereas at-home products produce limited results that take longer to achieve.

A professional teeth whitening treatment is an excellent way to minimize or eliminate dental stains and achieve a beautiful, bright smile. Dr. Brenda J. Faulk and the dental professionals at The Baltimore Dental Center can deliver excellent results. To schedule your professional teeth whitening in Baltimore, MD, call The Baltimore Dental Center at (877) 809-4929.