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Are Dentures A Good Option?

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January 25, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Do you feel as though your missing teeth have turned your smile into something you are embarrassed by? Do you dream about a full, denturesbeautiful smile to make you look and feel great? If so, dentures could be the tooth replacement option you have been looking for. Learn more about dentures with Dr. Brenda Faulk at The Baltimore Dental Center in Pikesville, MD in the Baltimore area.

The Benefits of Dentures 
Missing teeth cause serious damage to your teeth and the bone in which they lie. A gap in your smile could allow the remaining healthy teeth to shift, cause damage to your bite and affecting chewing. Additionally, missing teeth cause bone atrophy where the tooth used to adequately stimulate the bone. The bone begins degrading and eventually causes symptoms like sagging facial features and premature aging. Missing teeth in your smile can also take a toll psychologically, causing you to feel embarrassed about the way you look.

Which kind of denture is right for me? 
Dentures can help most people who are missing some or all their teeth. In situations where patients have only one missing tooth, a dental bridge is normally more beneficial. If a patient has no remaining healthy teeth, a full denture replaces all the teeth on their arch. The denture fits securely into place using suction, gravity or dental implants. Partial dentures help patients who have one or more remaining healthy teeth. The denture fits over the teeth, which holds the denture in place and provides stimulation to keep the teeth healthy.

Dentures in the Baltimore area 
If you feel as though dentures may be your best option, you should contact your dentist at The Baltimore Dental Center for further insight. While dentures are good for most patients, they do require a committed, strong at-home oral care routine. Caring for dentures will require some extra steps in your oral care routine, meaning you should be able to undergo these tasks regularly.

For more information on dentures, please contact Dr. Faulk at The Baltimore Dental Center in Pikesville, MD. Call 1-877-809-4929 to schedule a consultation for dentures with Dr. Faulk today!